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Virtuosum Orthodontics

“Dr. Sean O’Callaghan has been using tdl Precision Orthodontics as his exclusive lab since 1992.  Sid and his team understand that at Virtuosum Orthodontics, we expect the highest quality of orthodontic appliances for our patients and they have consistently provided superior products and outstanding customer service.

At Virtuosum Orthodontics, we use state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology to deliver the best orthodontic treatment available.

tdl Precision Orthodontics integrates with our business because their state-of-the-art laboratory and highly skilled technicians means that they are able to deliver premium products that have been customised to Dr. O’Callaghan’s specific requirements.”  


Dr Sean O'Callaghan

Virtuosum Orthodontics


Riversdale Orthodontics

“Riversdale Orthodontics has been a client of tdl Precision Orthodontics since 1998.


We use tdl Precision Orthodontics because they are reliable, use the most up to date technology, and have knowledgeable technicians. Our staff communicate with tdl Precision Orthodontics on a regular basis and they are always friendly and approachable.


With the advent of digital communication, the ‘cloud' and intra-oral scanners, tdl Precision Orthodontics has facilitated our practice to make the transition from physical items to digital data. The old system of alginate impression, hand written lab forms and 'pick-up' couriers has in the most part, been replaced by an intra-oral scan, emailed PDF lab form and electronic upload of the .STL data to their server. It has streamlined a somewhat cumbersome process into an efficient and effective one. The 3Shape Trios scanner and online portal have been remarkably easy to use. 


tdl Precision Orthodontics are efficient and very adaptable to our demanding schedule. As a busy Orthodontic clinic, tdl Precision Orthodontics provides a high quality service within a suitable timeframe.


Riversdale Orthodontics benefits from these qualities in that we can trust tdl to provide us with a high quality and consistent service. This, in turn helps us to provide our patients with the highest quality treatment and service.


Riversdale Orthodontics highly recommends tdl Precision Orthodontics to any clinic looking for a laboratory that provides a high standard in both quality of product and efficiency of service.”


Riversdale Orthodontics, Hawthorn East

Schneider * Theodosi * WongŸ

Dr Daniel Sable

“When we opened our practice in 2004, we “tested the water” with several orthodontic laboratories. tdl quickly became our lab of choice, and remains our exclusive orthodontic laboratory to this day.  In our experience, no other lab has been able to provide the consistency of quality, service, good communication and quick turn-around that we have come to expect from Sid Tass and his team at tdl. We would recommend them without any hesitation.”

Dr Andrew Pepiceli

“We commenced our relationship with tdl Precision Orthodontics in 2005 when we started sending our lab work there on the strong recommendation of a colleague. It quickly became clear that the quality of work produced by tdl was far superior to the work that we had been receiving from the previous lab. We began using tdl exclusively within 1-2 weeks of our initial experience with them because of the confidence I had in the consistency of exceptional work that we were receiving.


Since that time, I have referred several of my colleagues to tdl and they have all remarked on how positive a change that has been for them. In addition to the high standard of work produced, the team at tdl have always been a pleasure to deal with and accommodating in every way possible. Sid is at the forefront of technology, incorporating advanced equipment in his lab in an attempt to improve his service to his ever growing client base. On the several times that I have visited his impressive lab, he has always been so excited to demonstrate his latest piece of equipment.


Sid and the team at tdl have always surpassed my high expectations and they are to be lauded for this. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of tdl Precision Orthodontics to anyone who demands the best.”

Sable & Pepicelli Orthodontists, Chadstone


Dr Theresia Sudjalim

“I have been using tdl since 2010 and have found their lab work to be reliable and of excellent quality. tdl’s service is flexible, responding to our collection requests at varying times during the day, they communicate effectively with our staff, ensuring the demands of the practice are always met.”


Dr Theresia Sudjalim 

South East Orthodontics, Berwick

Dr Bruce Baker

“I have used tdl Precision Orthodontics since 2011 and have found them to be wonderfully efficient and helpful. Their work is of the highest quality, their service extremely professional and they will bend over backwards to help out in cases that need a fast turn-around. I would highly recommend 

tdl Precision Orthodontics for all orthodontic lab work.”


Dr Bruce Baker

Knox City Orthodontics, Wantirna South


Dr Robert Mayne

“We started using tdl Precision Orthodontics after a recommendation from a colleague in 2010. As a rural Victorian practice we had difficulty in sourcing local technicians familiar with the range of orthodontic appliances that we use. We immediately noticed the difference in service, quality and consistency of the work coming from the lab.  We have found them to be very accommodating considering the logistical difficulties associated with the distance we are from the lab, even when a quick turn around is required. I would recommend them to other orthodontists without hesitation.”


Dr Robert Mayne

Goulburn Valley Orthodontics, Shepparton

Dr Kieran Soma

“I have been using tdl Precision Orthodontics exclusively since starting my practice in Eltham in 2011, and more recently in Clifton Hill since 2014. I was initially recommended to them by a colleague and have not strayed since. Sid and the team have always been very flexible to our evolving needs. They consistently produce work of the highest standard and are always reliable with both pick-up and delivery. In my opinion, tdl Precision Orthodontics is leading the way as it advances into the digital era of orthodontics. I look forward to riding this "digital wave" into the future with them."

“I have been using the Seq-RetTM system for almost the past 9 months now. I find it particularly useful in cases of minor relapse. Patients love the system as they avoid the need for braces a second time."

Dr Kieran Soma

Clifton Hill & Eltham Orthodontics 

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