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Q: What happens if you don’t receive our scan because our scanner host site is down? 

A: EasyRx will forward us your lab request and provide notice of any host server failures immediately. This will allow NewSmile an opportunity to communicate with you about any potential delays dueto technical issues to ensure that practice scheduling can remain on track.


Q: Will EasyRx mismatch models with prescriptions? An appliance has been made on the wrong model?

A:  Easyrx Integrates with 3Shape TRIOS Scanner, Medit scanners to automatically attach STL files to a prescription with automated integration and iTero scanners to automatically attach iTero scans to a prescription with automated integration to ensure that appliances requested are made on the files scanned.


Q: Can a readily track the progress of work sent to tdl Precision Orthodontics?

A: NewSmile will provide live updates to allow you to track the status of lab requests submitted, received, completed and shipped.


Q: Will laboratory be able to interpret the requirements of my designs?

A: Every EasyRx lab request eliminates any confusion by automatically populating a written order, a graphic of appliance ordered and a detailed list of the parts required to make appliance. 


Q: Will I be able to customises my own designs and use terminology I’m familiar with?

A: For your individual and very specific designs you can create your own practice specific templates. EasyRx also has an extensive Appliance Library to set up your most commonly ordered designs to create templates for ease of ordering, 


Q: Will I need to clarify individual patient design requirements?

A: You can create your own practice specific templates for your individual and very specific designs. EasyRx’s also has an extensive Appliance Library to set up your most commonly ordered designs to create templates for ease of ordering.


Q: Can I submit orders for impressions as well as digital scans?

A: When creating an EasyRx request you can clearly communicate if the case is a scan or an impression that needs to be collected or will be delivered.


Q: What happens if my scans are Incomplete?

A: EasyRx automatically optimises your scan to ensure file is print ready.

Any further concerns about a specific case will be discussed via notifications linked directly to the case in question.


Q: Is it possible that my lab requests and scans submissions will get delayed or missed in our practice?

A: A lab request can be quickly created chair side with EasyRx’s one page lab request form and scans can be immediately and easily attached once completed.


Q: How much control and accessibility will I have of our patient data and or information?

A:  EasyRx is cloud based allowing you access to your patient files, case status and lab correspondence from anywhere on any device 24 hours a day 7 days a week, on the one server.


Q: Will I need to re-create same lab requests over and over?

A: EasyRx allows you to store favourite templates to make ordering of the same appliance a one click process and then saves lab request to your patient file immediately to track patient history with ease.


Q: Does EasyRx show me the full cost of my design orders? 

A: Every appliance ordered (including any amendments) on each lab request displays the price for full transparency.


Q: How much will EasyRx and its integration cost?

A: NOTHING, tdl Precision Orthodontics will cover the cost of all of the above features, tech support and lab request (Rx) fees.

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