Digital Study Models

tdl Precision Orthodontics offers Digital Study Models as part of its extensive range of orthodontic dental technology.  


The new Maestro Ortho Studio Viewer 2.9 upgrade is now available.

New features include: 

* View virtual Study Model Set Ups (Diagnostic Set Ups)
* Self Product registration and license key request
Click Here to download the latest Maestro Ortho Studio 64 bit version
*Minimum Operating System requirement to perform upgrade is Windows 7 64 bit 

Download Maestro Ortho Studio 32 bit version


What's Included:

• Digital Study Models emailed directly to your desktop 
• Work Models (Plaster) if required at no extra cost
• Maestro Ortho Studio viewing software - limitless copies

The Maestro 3D Ortho Studio Viewer:

• View, measure, analyse Digital Study Models
• Software registration takes place almost instantaneously
• The online tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the software and its capabilities
New! View Diagnostic Study Models (Version 2.8)
New! Register software yourself - takes place almost instantaneously

Software Compatibility:

The Maestro 3D Ortho Studio System is compatible with major clinical software including:

• Dolphin
• Oasis Dental Software
• dental4windows
• tops
• Ortho Trac 

Links & Useful Resources:

• Test Digital Viewing File
• Video
• Online Tutorial
• Installation Instructions
• Minimum Requirements

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